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Listed below are Email messages that we have received in response to past orders. Have you placed an order with FHM lately? If so, drop us a line and let us know what you think. We love to hear from our customers!
Subj:Record Order
From:Max Pert
Hi Greg and Jackie,
Just a note to say my Pastel 6 record arrived this week.
Thanks again for your fast and efficient service and the well packaged record.
The record is just like new and great to hear it again.
So hard to get a good vinyl copy of that here these days.
Best regards,
Max Pert

Subj:Record Order
From:Josh Frankfort
Records arrived.
They sound great.
90 characters are not enough to write how great dealing with you is.
Thank you very much!
Josh Frankfort
Los Angeles, Calif. USA

Subj:Record Order
From:Bob Dubell
I've completed a number of orders with you recently and I'd like you to know
that your service has been absolutely outstanding.
Your website is a pleasure to use. You seem to have most of the 45's I'm looking for.
I recieve the order very quickly (typically within 3 days).
And, last but not least, the records and sleves are in excellent condition considering how old they are.
So I just wanted to send a quick little thank you and to let you know
that you can expect many additional orders from me.
Take real good care
Bob Dubell
Florham Park, NJ USA

Subj:Record Order
From:Douglas Bunger
Just a quick note to let you know I received my records today & I just can't say enough about your
packaging, grading & for going the extra mile to put the P/S in plastic sleeves.
I am very, very pleased with everything, except for the problems I had
with trying to hold records in the shopping cart at the start (that had me very frustrated),
but thanks to you it was all worked out.
One other thing you might want to consider is to write your info. on the sleeves
with pencil & not ink.
Your company will get more orders from me & I'll pass the word about your fine company to other collectors.
As you know, word of mouth is the best advertising there is.
Again thanks for rebuilding my faith in record dealers (not all, as some are, well you know)
& if you should ever need a note of recommendation just let me know.
Douglas Bunger
Palm Beach Gardens, FL USA

Subj:Record Order
From:Kevin Stapylton
I hope you don't mind me sending you a note of thanks and appreciation.
The little 45 arrived today and let me say that for a Record 50 Years old,
this copy is absolutely perfect and I couldn't be more thrilled with it.
I rate your Service 200 percent and would not hesitate in recommending your Record Service
to any and all of my Music Friends.
I'm sure you won't mind me mentioning to you that I am a blind Person
and I asked my daughter Catherine to obtain that Record for me.
She knows more about that than I seem to. Anyway very many thanks to you both,
again I am very grateful indeed to you for sending that to me.
Warmest regards,
Kevin Stapylton

Subj:Record Order
From:Gerald Peters
I just wanted to let you know I got my order Friday.
Wow! thanks for the fast shipping.
45's are fantastic.
The bjork 45, I cant believe you had 2 copies(got one for a gift).
And such a nice price too.
I very much like ordering from Fast Hits.
Hope you all have a safe holiday season.
Merry Christmas.
Gerald Peters
Kingsport, TN USA

Subj:Record Order
From:Amy Kreutzer
Thanks for responding so quickly!!!
This is my first order and I actually received the records today.
We have a jukebox and it is very difficult finding records for it
without them being scratched and certainly not one's we are fond of.
The ordering process was easy and now that I know the outcome I will certainly order more!!!!
Thanks so much!
Amy Kreutzer
McHenry, Illinois USA

Subj:Record Order
From:Brian McKown
Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today ("Catch Me" by Snail).
I very much appreciate your unbelievably fast shipment... so fast, in fact,
that when I came home today & found the package on my front porch,
it never even occurred to me that that's what it could be!
Recently, I acquired one of those ION USB turntables, in order to digitize my vinyl collection
& now that I've recorded just about everything that's worthy of a second listen,
I'm starting to seek out some of the music from my younger days,
which just isn't available on CD (or iTunes either, for that matter).
My so-called "younger days" weren't all that long ago, but I haven't heard "Catch Me"
since I was a high school senior back in 1981. I've been looking for it, on and off,
for the past 27 years, so I was thrilled to see it on your site & I ordered it immediately!
Thanks again,
Brian McKown
Riverside, CA USA

Subj:Record Order
From:Hank Dempsey
Hello, just wanted to let you know I recieved my records today
and they were absolutely wonderful. From now on when I need vinyl
my first choice will be
Merry Christmas.
Hank Dempsey
Oak Hill, WV

Subj:Record Order
From:Cynthia Stewart
I got my records today and they are great! Thanks.
I love buying them from you guys, and it's so easy to find the things I want
and place an order.
I have always been happy with my "teenage records and having a blast from my past!"
Not to mention the great service you have.
Thanks a million!
Cynthia Stewart
Camby, Indiana

Subj:First Record Order
From:Jon Ulrich
I can't tell you how pleased I am with the quality
of the 45rpm records I received from you.
Keep up the high quality of service and expect multiple orders
from this satisfied customer in the near future.

Subj:Record Order
From:Steve Cokeley
Thank you for the Black Oak 45 and for your fast service.
I appreciate that.
There are alot of deadbeats out there but you are not one of them.
Thanks again and best for '07 !!
Hoquiam, Washington

Subj:Record Order
From:Gary Smith

Thanks Greg, I received my order yesterday.
Your records always seem to be in good shape, much better than the ones I order from Thursdays.
I probably won't be ordering for a spell now as my most recent orders were for an upcoming event.
I'll also be sticking with original label records.
I don't like the quality or feel of the reissues.
I had a real bad experience ordering reissues from
D. Gary Smith

Subj:Record Order
From:David Ogonowski

Hi Jackie and Greg -
Just a note to say thanks for such a quick shipment, and for providing your
service. Your records are always in perfect condition, and this last batch
was here in a day! It's great to have access to so much vinyl from folks as
honest about condition and as careful with shipping as you are - for people
obsessed with 45's you are a fantastic resource, one of the few places on
the web where I know that what I'll be getting will be mint. Attached is a
picture of my '54 Seeburg jukebox just so you'll see why I've been such a
record hog.
Regards and thank you both again,
David Ogonowski

Subj:Record Order
From:Richard Senters

I must let you know that I am completely satisfied with your superior service.
I submitted my order Dec. 26th, recieved my order Dec. 29th.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Richard Senters

Subj:Record Order
From:Oskar Belani

I Must say that your speedy communication is probably the best
I ever experienced from a US seller!
Absolutely stunning,

Subj:Record Order
From:Danny Coggan

Hello Fast Hits,
Just dropping a line to thank you for my recent record order.
US to UK in six calendar days.
If it had come any quicker the vinyl would probably have melted!
Thanks for the great service.
Item was in perfect shape also.
Thanks again,
Danny Coggan

Subj:Record Order
From:Sun PK

Hi Fast Hits,
Yes, now I know why you're called Fast Hits. That was FAST.
Record is in beautiful condition - amazing - with original sleeve.
I haven't even played it yet - I wanted to thank you for the quick service first.
Sun PK

Subj:Record Order
From:Will Crosby

Thank you for the fast and outstanding service, the record was in very good shape.
I can't tell you how mush this means to me to find this song for a friend.
I had looked the web over for some time. The last time I checked you site, it wasn't there.
Anyway, great job and I'll back looking for more.
Will Crosby

Subj:Record Order
From:Mike Osenkowski

Got the record today… fastest I’ve experienced from the states.
Oskar Belani

Subj:Record Order
From:Steve StLouis

Records arrived in marvellous condition last week.
Thanks for the prompt service from start to finish.
Pleasure dealing with you,

Subj:Record Order
From:Ron Cooper

Hi Greg & Jackie
I am totally staggered, but the single arrived yesterday the 17th November.
Incredibly quick & efficient.
Many thanks & the condition & everything was excellent & even in a plastic bag.
Perhaps my money had not yet arrived but you posted in any case.
Being such a small order & taking so much care etc. then can't thank you enough.
Assuming my money has arrived safe & sound then if perfection can exist
in record collecting/purchasing then this was it.
Kind Wishes
Many Thanks,

Subj:Record Order
From:Mike Osenkowski

My name is Mike Osenkowski and I placeed an order on 8/19/2004.(thursday)
To my surprise, my order showed up on 8/23/04 (monday).
I couldn't believe how fast the order came.
The records I ordered were in mint condition.
You guys are awesome, and the price , you can't beat it.
I would recommend this site to any music fan.
Thank you and keep up the great work.
Mike Osenkowski

Subj:Record Order
From:Roger Baloga

I received your records today (8-13-04).
Everything is A-OK!
Your shipping time is FANTASTIC!!!
You have one satisfied customer!
Thank you,
Roger Baloga

Subj:Record Order
From:Nigel Pugh

Hi Jackie, Yeah, the parcel arrived yesterday when I got home.
That's the quickest delivery I've ever had from America.
With the exchange rate being good for us at the moment,
it's easier for me to order from you than home,
if the service is that good.
Thank you,
Nigel (from UK)

Subj:Record Order
From:Mark Laffredo

Hi, just wanted to let everyone out there know what a pleasure it is
doing business with FHM. I've been a regular for years now and
GREG AND JACKIE have always provided me with great records
and superb customer service. From quick deliveries to dinking
to great sounding music, THEY ARE THE BEST!!.
Thanx as always,

Subj:Record Order
From:Gary Philips

HI jackie,
Received the record today--thanks.
I appreciate the trouble you went to to get this record for me
as it was an inexpensive record in the first place.
If only all record stores would treat their customers so well !
Thanks once again, its been a real pleasure doing business,
and i hope to buy from you sometime again in the future.
kind regards, Gaz
from Lancashire UK

Subj:Record Order
From:Scott King

Hi, Amazing! I can't believe how fast my recent order arrived.(Banarama "He's Got Tact")
Supersonic shipment!
I can't believe how long I have to wait for items
to arrive from etc.
A fast shipment on an order is ALWAYS appreciated.
Scott King
Portland, Oregon

Subj:Record Order
From:Stewart Trevillyan

Dear Greg,
Just received the records I ordered from you Last week.
WOW what great service and I`m very happy with the discs.
Thanks and I`ll be buying from you again soon
and can`t wait to recommend you to anyone who buys records.
Thanks again
Stewart Trevillyan

Subj:Record Order
From:Nicola Golding

Thanks I received the order today!
The records are in great condition.
I'm very pleased with your service.
Best Regards, Nicola
From Dayton, Ohio

From:Peter Merey

Just read your history on your web site and now
I know how it all happened, having been a customer of your predecessor.
Did not realize how close it had come to almost a sad ending.
Thanks for you two, Greg and Jackie, and your weekly updates.
I enjoy reviewing the listings and finding the titles that are of interest.
Regards, Peter
From Toronto, Canada

Subj:Record Order
From:Tony Peters

Just wanted to thank you for the fast service
(they don't call you Fasthits for nothing!).
Plus, all the records were in great condition.
This is the third time I've ordered from you and am very satisfied.
Tony Peters
Dayton, Ohio

Subj:Record Order
From:Chris Witney

I have received my 45RPM records this morning and I am so happy.
Kay Star has never sounded so good
(rock and roll waltz was issued on a 78 over here).
The quality of the discs you sent me is A1 and
I cant wait to place my next order.
You have found a friend for life and I have found my home.
I don't know how you did it but my records arrived in five days, that's amazing!!!
Please Include this email on your testimonial page.
I want the world to know how great you are.
Your Friend Chrissy. (Chris Witney Sheffield England)

Subj:Record Order
From:Greg Pruett

First, let me again give you both a BIG THANK YOU for running what has to be
the premier website to purchase 45 records.
Since you acquired Fast Hits, it has become the only place I go
to buy records for my jukebox.
Thank you so much!
Greg Pruett

Subj:Record Order
From:Ettori Philippe

I have just received your 7 inches (CRACKER Low + I Hate My Generation) today.
I would like to thx you for your very kind, fast & efficient trading policy.
If I can fill a feedback it would be 10 out of 10.
Ettori Philippe

Subj:Record Order
From:Barry Foster

I got my records today and I couldn't be more pleased with them.
Thanks so much.
Barry Foster

Subj:Record Order
From:Wayne Jazak

I just received my latest record order today and they are great.
I did not expect them for a few more days and was very susprised
to see them today.
You are the best to do business with.
I will be ordering again soon.
Wayne Jazak

Subj:Record Order
From:Valhalla Online Services

Just a quick note to say thanks.
You have been the greatest help in the world getting my Wurlitzer
up and running with great records.
I can't give you enough praise.
You will be my #1 site in all future record purchases.
Keep up the great work.
C. G.

Subj:Record Order
From:Peter V.

So that's why your company is called "Fast Hits"....
The record ARRIVED TODAY!!!
I don't know how you did it,
but it got here in less than 7 days!
Peter from Belgium

Subj:Record Order

Dear Jackie,
I just want to thank you so much for my last order.
The records were in very good condition.
I received my order in a timely manner.
The jukebox title strips were professionally done.
Again thank you & I will recommend you to all my friends
with jukeboxes and those that still collect 45's.

Subj:Record Order

Excellent service and quality of goods.
Look forward to further transactions.
Steve Smith

Subj:Record Order

I just wanted to thank you for sending out my order so quickly.
I've ordered things online and thru the mail for years and
never has my order arrived so quickly.
I'm actually a bit shocked at how fast you are! My records are in great shape, just as described.
I'm very, very happy with my order and
I'll definitely check back again!
I'll also tell all my friends! You even answer email with blazing speed!
Keep up the great work! Mike

Subj:Record Order

Hi Greg & Jackie
It has been a pleasure for me doing business with you.
Helpful and caring,
first rate quality of the records,
reasonable prices, extremely fast delivery.
Very professional International transaction.
Highly recommended dealer.
Thank you very much,
Kurt Mocker, Austria/Europe

Subj:Record Order

Hi Folks. Everything got here in perfect shape.
Both orders--forgot to write on the Christmas stuff.
But my friend's got it already, and very happy.
Your grading on used records is very conservative too.
Much better quality than usual for the grade.
Once again, a great job.
And if I don't converse with you all before Christmas,
I hope you have a wonderful Holiday season.
I also hope you TAKE A FEW DAYS OFF to enjoy yourselves.
Take care,

Subj:Record Order
From:Jaime Jaramillo

I received my order today and am extremely happy with my 45's.
I bought some of your sale records and even though some of their conditions were described as fair, they were extremely good.
I appreciate your excellent and courteous customer service.
You have gained a new loyal customer.

Subj:New Order
From:Mark B., Massachusettes

Thanks again for the excellent service!

Thanks very much,

Subj:A recent Order

I've just received my first batch of FHM records. I'm impressed! The 45s sound great, and the delivery was speedy to say the least. Your website is also terrific - particularly the availability of a no- frames version for us technophobes!

Thanks very much,
Bankstown, Australia


received the order and have been listening to the record since. Thank you and I hope to do additional business soon

Cape Coral, FL

Subj:RE: Ace of Base Order

I got the oder yesterday. Thanx for tracing those two orders down for me. You guys have been excellent to do business with :)(Just wanted to let you know that)



Received my first order of five 45s today and I am very pleased with the quality and delivery. Will do more orders ASAP.


Subj:Status of my order?

My 45s arrived today and I am very pleased with the quality. I didn't expect them to be the actual releases by the individual record labels. Also the service has been excellent with more than adequate mail packaging. Visit my audio page at http://www/ I have included a link to your homepage there..

Raleigh, NC

Subj:Beatles coloured 45s, etc.

Sorry I didn't reply to you when I received the Beatles coloured vinyl set, but I received it in SEVEN days! I was absolutely rapt. Your service is fantastic. I have passed on your net addresss to several shops and collectors, whom all seemed impressed with your site. ........ Again thank you for your service, and enjoy your summer......


Date:97-05-03 12:44:35

Thanks for the tunes. I love those imports. Without them, my collection would be a lot smaller. I love those LPs too. I went a long time without buying any, because I couldn't find any. I now subscribe to Goldmine along with Discoveries, and I catch your ads in both of them. You offer things nobody else does, and I appreciate it!


Subj:FHM Order

Just a quick note to say thanks for the prompt service. The 45s got to Canada, through two mail systems, in less than a week. Amazing. The UK jukebox 45s of recent Beatle songs are a nice addition to my collection. I look forward to seeing more of these less common issues in the future.

Burlington, Ontario

Subj:FHM order
Date:97-04-10 13:56:37

Thanks, I got the package today. Great stuff, good shape, can't wait till I place my next order. ...

Subj:Re: FHM Order
To:FastHits usual, another fine job! I was cruisin the fasthits homepage and noticied some people had written about their pleasant experiences with you and the business. Let me add that I myself am extremely pleased with your professional and personal service.

Palm Coast, FL

Subj:FHM 45s
Date:97-04-03 12:37:05

Hi Jay,
I received my order of 45s and was quite satisfied...thanx. I was also impressed with FHM's fast service and delivery. .....

Subj:Nice Job!

Just wanted to say how happy I was with my recent order! In addition, your Web Page is great!

Grafton, WI

Subj:service witha smile
Date:97-03-12 00:07:54 EST

Jay,just dropping you a litte mail to let you know how pleased I was with your service. I ordered only last tuesday and had the records in my hands saturday morning. You were able to fill 9 requests for the singles. Also thanks for your policy of not gouging on S&H. Anyway, my Rockola "Rhapsody 160" and I say great job and will be back in the near future.

Riverside, CA

Subj:Recent Order
Date:97-02-24 02:19:30 EST

I recently received my first order from you and I just wanted to say "thank you" for the prompt service and reasonable prices. I will definitely look to you in the future for my vinyl needs!

Escondido, CA

Date:97-01-15 22:10:19 EST

Just a note of thanks for the excellent and accurate fill of my rather
lengthy list of 45s. I really like your title strips too- very much like
the old "STAR" title strips from Pittsburgh that were always my
favorite design.

Seriously, I don't know of anyone anywhere who could have given
me a better fill at any price, so thank you again!

Please include me on your e-mail list for new releases, imports, etc.
I will definitely be contacting you as I need records in the future.

Jackson, Mississippi

Tuesday, October 22, 1996

Dear Jay:

Just received my most recent order for you. Thought I would drop
you a line and place another small order. Most people only write
when they have a compliant. I thought you would like to hear some
good news. I have ordered, usually from the states, music and video
in various formats for over 30 years, with some good experiences.

In all of my dealings with various companies, I would have to say I
am most impressed with your company. No other firm I have dealt
with has ever offered the "DINKING" service, which is just
fantastic considering that many 45s today have only the small hole.
Since I have an old jukebox (as I am sure most of your customers
do!), this is great. Previously, I had developed my own manual
method with a drill press and wooden mold that I used to place the
45 on. This had unpredictable results, with sometimes the hole being
just off-center or splintering occurring.

Getting the title strips with current 45s is also appreciated. I enter
each 45 into my computer list of what I have(with over 2,500 45's,
it's hard to keep track!) And then on a typewriter make up the
labels.It's nice to have one less job to do in the enjoyment of my

Most importantly, your service is excellent. Because I live in
Canada, orders from U.S. companies often take 4 to 8 weeks to be
received by me. By faxing the order to you, and your quick
processing, I am receiving my 45s/LPS/CDS from you in 10 days
to 2 weeks, clearly the fastest of any company that I have dealt with.

Finally, when I previously order 4 copies of the beatles EP from
you, and you did forget to DINK them, you immediately sent me
another 4 copies at no charge, already DINKED.... This I felt was
above and beyond what you had to do, as I was prepared to drill
them out manually. By doing this and with your normal great service
you have got a customer for life!

I hope all this praise doesn't result in you having to buy larger hats,
so just keep up the good work. ........

Scarborough, Ontario, CANADA

P O Box 663
Meredith NH 03253

Greg & Jackie Berry

Phone:  603-279-0450
Fax:  603-279-0008

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